Installed it myself in a few hours

October 10, 2019
When researching the Ranch Hand Grille Guard for my Toyota Tacoma, the attached image is the angle I was looking to see how it was styled. I am very pleased with how the Ranch Hand is designed and constructed. Installed it myself in a few hours. Pat D.
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Love my Ranch Hand

October 2, 2019
Love my Ranch Hand Bumper and Steps. John S.  
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Protected My Tahoe 3 Times

October 2, 2019
Ranch Hand protected my Tahoe 3 times last week! Nick L.
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Thank You For Building Such A Kick Ass Product

September 27, 2019
Hey all at Ranch Hand. Thank you for building such a kick ass product.  I have a 2008 Dodge Ram 3500. 14 days after I bought it I put your full replacement bull bar on it.   I worked in the oil field in Colorado and lived in...
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Always A Perfect Fit

September 24, 2019
My 2019 Tundra at the deer lease. It’s my third pickup with a Ranch Hand front end replacement and as always a perfect fit. Thanks Steven B.
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Hit a 1800lb cow at 75mph

September 18, 2019
My story is not as bad as some I've seen on your site, but I still have to say there is nothing better than American made and Texas assembled steel. Hit a 1800lb cow at 75mph headed to work at 4:30am. Due to the angle of the outer part of...
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a quality product

September 15, 2019
I want to thank Ranchhand for building a quality product. I have Ranchhand on four of my vehicles and Lucky for me until now I have not had to put them to the test. I struck a big bull elk a few days ago at highway speed and Although he...
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Pushing them over 75yds

August 28, 2019
I was driving the blue Chevy Tahoe with your brush guard on it. The green car was driven by two drug dealers , the "bad guys" attempted to swerve into my vehicle to disable it. That action proved to be their down fall. I preformed a PIT maneuver destroying the...
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I never wanted to have a RanchHand testimonial

August 22, 2019
Well, I never wanted to have a RanchHand testimonial, but here I am alive to share it! My husband, myself, our 3 year old and 4 month old baby hit a cow on the highway at night going 65 mph. Thank God for our Ranch Hand! The truck is totaled...
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Hit a power pole at 60mph

August 20, 2019
I thank God and Ranch Hand Bumpers for saving my life. Hit a power pole at 60mph and everyone walked away with just a few minor bruises. Justin G.  
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