Saved My Life

July 6, 2022
Hello there my name is Jeffrey,  January 17 of 2022 I was involved  a head on collision and the highway patrol estimated speed at impact of an access of 160 mph not on my part may I add total impact combined well I'm here and alive today due to your...
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Love my Ranch Hand

June 28, 2022
I’m a night shift nurse and drive 120 miles round trip for work. In Wisconsin you never know what kind of wildlife might cross your path. The Ranch Hand grille was the first and top accessory I had installed on my truck, in our family of trucks, everybody has one...
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Built in America

June 28, 2022
Just proud of my built in America, Ranch Hand! ~Adam
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Customer for Life

June 28, 2022
Another truck almost hit me head on, collided with my drivers side cab and back wheels/axle. The impact lifted the truck off the ground and ran me into the tree line. The impact was so hard it shifted the axle back and knocked the drive shaft out. Front end collided...
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Head on Crash

June 14, 2022
Me and my son had a head on crash with a drunk driver. -Kenneth  
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It felt like I hit a big pothole thank you ...

December 26, 2020
December 23 2020. Driving in a blizzard wind died down just in time to see a pile up so we took the ditch. Tried to get back on the embankment to go between the truck in the ditch and the moving truck on the highway. Slid back down just in...
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I love my new Ranch Hand brush guard on my ...

December 25, 2020
I love my new Ranch Hand brush guard on my new '21 Tacoma. I was worried that I may have an issue with the pre-collision system, but after a ride today, no lights or issues. It gives the truck a lot more attitude! It takes awhile to decipher the instructions...
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Thanks for the quality made, USA product!

December 20, 2020
Easy install of a well built, good looking bull bumper. Thanks for the quality made, USA product!. - Capt.
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We were able to come home to our little girl

October 27, 2020
Me and my soon to be wife were driving down the road when the track bar snapped on my 2015 F-250 sending us into a 3 ft round cypress tree at 55 mph. We hit the tree so hard it pushed it out the ground we had a Ranch Hand...
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Drunk driver pulled out in front of me

October 23, 2020
Drunk driver pulled out in front of me. Kept the motor out of the front seat. - Tim.
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Share your story with Ranch Hand. We enjoy knowing how our products have helped you in a positive way from using your bumper to work the land to avoiding an expensive repair on your vehicle and everything in between. We’re honored to continue to make products right here in the United States for people just like you!
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