whatever is next will have a Ranch Hand Truck Grille

November 15, 2019
Got the settlement for ole red today. Let the truck shopping begin all I know is whatever is next will have a Ranch Hand Truck Grille on it. Yelena M.
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Thanks Ranch Hand for making such an AWESOME looking and ...

November 3, 2019
I installed the legend series bumper myself in just an hour and a half. I bought it to make sure I wouldn’t have to dish out a boat load of money when I hit a deer (which is gonna happen if you live in southern WV. ) and wouldn’t you...
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Looks awesome and I can now drive a lot easier

November 2, 2019
I have wanted a Ranch Hand Grill Guard as long as I have wanted a (Ford Super Duty - 10-15 years at least) and one of the first add-ons I HAD TO DO was a Ranch Hand Legend Grill Guard. Looks awesome and I can now drive a lot easier...
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Very happy with this product

October 30, 2019
Have a Ranch Hand full bumper on our 2003 Dodge Ram 2500. Tuesday morning around 6:30am I hit 2 whitetail doe at 72 mph. Only damage was the lower center screen/ tag mount broke. Thank you for making a great bumper. It saved our truck. Ruined my OSU eat beef...
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The ranch hand brush guard saves my life

October 27, 2019
I was in my way to work when a woman ran a red light . I tried to miss her but made contact . The brush guard deflected her saving her and her two children . I went through a guardrail into an embankment. My tuck was totaled but the...
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Thank you for making an awesome product

October 18, 2019
Coming home late from work one night I met a guy coming around a corner with no lights on and we hit head on. Georgia state patrol said if it wasn't for my brushguard I would have been dead. Thank you for making an awesome product. Matthew M.
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Installed it myself in a few hours

October 10, 2019
When researching the Ranch Hand Grille Guard for my Toyota Tacoma, the attached image is the angle I was looking to see how it was styled. I am very pleased with how the Ranch Hand is designed and constructed. Installed it myself in a few hours. Pat D.
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Love my Ranch Hand

October 2, 2019
Love my Ranch Hand Bumper and Steps. John S.  
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Protected My Tahoe 3 Times

October 2, 2019
Ranch Hand protected my Tahoe 3 times last week! Nick L.
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Thank You For Building Such A Kick Ass Product

September 27, 2019
Hey all at Ranch Hand. Thank you for building such a kick ass product.  I have a 2008 Dodge Ram 3500. 14 days after I bought it I put your full replacement bull bar on it.   I worked in the oil field in Colorado and lived in...
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