Derek and Christopher's Story

November 14, 2017
September 18, 2017 was my first ever accident in more than 36 years of driving. The morning started of like any other loading up my 13 year old son to take him to school. Traffic had backed up at a stop sign leading to the highway and I had slowed...
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Surviving Catastrophe with a Ranch Hand Grille Guard

August 24, 2017
At Ranch Hand, we know our customers pretty well. Buyers appreciate the full package when they purchase truck accessories, and that includes getting reliable protection. For Justin Todd Hicks, the simple investment of a Ranch Hand grille guard may have been a lifesaver. Our durable products are made with...
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Chelsie Charlton’s Story with Ranch Hand Front Bumpers

May 26, 2017
Chelsie Charlton, originally from England, now lives in South Carolina. Chelsie works on diesel trucks and has always had a passion for diesel engines. Currently, she is a diesel mechanic’s assistant. She also teaches young children how to ride horses in her spare time. She uses her truck for...
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SETH SPIKER 'Ranch Hand Saved My Life'

March 13, 2017
This is not an everyday story.  This is is a story about a man who survived an unbelievable event. In his words, without a Ranch Hand Grille Guard on his truck, the least severe outcome would've been his ‘legs being crushed.’ Take a second to watch the video so you...
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It Happened Twice

February 7, 2017
So roughly a year ago, someone pulled out in front of me, and my truck was fine save a new bumper and Ranch Hand. (The other vehicle caught fire.) Tonight - same truck, different Ranch Hand - someone else pulled out in front me. I don't know full damage yet...
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Wanted to give you guys a shoutout!

January 30, 2017
Really wanted to give y'all a shoutout for having the best grill guards. I was involved in a really bad accident and do believe my Ranch Hand saved my life. It took most of the impact.
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The Car Never Stopped

December 2, 2016
I was going out to eat with my in-laws. I was in a divided turn when my vision of traffic was blocked. I eased my truck forward stopped and the driver of the car never slowed down. Just plowed into my bumper which went through his hood and motor. I...
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Ranch Hand Versus Deer

November 28, 2016
Dear Sirs, I want to thank you. Last night,(thanksgiving night) around 8:30 my son called saying, mom I hit another deer. I didn't think much at first, because the other 2 that he hit, he just laughed and said my truck is fine, just a little hair on my...
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Traveling at a rate of 60MPH

November 21, 2016
Last night my wife, kids and I were involved in a traffic accident after another truck lost control and came into oncoming traffic.  We were both traveling at a rate of at least 60 MPH.  My truck and the other vehicle are a total loss but it was the Ranchhand...
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“Had I not been saved by the Ranch Hand protection, ...

September 26, 2016
Tyler and his wife are house parents at an organization called Bluebonnet Youth Ranch, a non-profit charitable organization that serves as a long-term, residential home for dependent, abused and neglected children. Tyler said, “God obviously called us to this area. We currently have seven foster children plus our two biological...
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