Hit a 1800lb cow at 75mph

September 18, 2019
My story is not as bad as some I've seen on your site, but I still have to say there is nothing better than American made and Texas assembled steel. Hit a 1800lb cow at 75mph headed to work at 4:30am. Due to the angle of the outer part of...
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a quality product

September 15, 2019
I want to thank Ranchhand for building a quality product. I have Ranchhand on four of my vehicles and Lucky for me until now I have not had to put them to the test. I struck a big bull elk a few days ago at highway speed and Although he...
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Pushing them over 75yds

August 28, 2019
I was driving the blue Chevy Tahoe with your brush guard on it. The green car was driven by two drug dealers , the "bad guys" attempted to swerve into my vehicle to disable it. That action proved to be their down fall. I preformed a PIT maneuver destroying the...
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I never wanted to have a RanchHand testimonial

August 22, 2019
Well, I never wanted to have a RanchHand testimonial, but here I am alive to share it! My husband, myself, our 3 year old and 4 month old baby hit a cow on the highway at night going 65 mph. Thank God for our Ranch Hand! The truck is totaled...
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I Truly Believe God and the Ranch Hand Bumper Allowed ...

March 27, 2019
Was driving to work early in the A.M. with my 2008 GMC 2500HD. When a drunk driver decided to drive in my lane. Both of us traveling at 55mph. Tried to avoid the head on collision but she collided with the front drivers side of my truck. The van had...
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The Good Lord Spared His Life But The Bumper/Brush ...

February 5, 2019
My son was in an accident on Sunday morning and the Good Lord spared his life but the bumper/brush guard played a big part. He hit a power pole and the bumper kept the pole standing and kept the engine from being pushed inside and maybe doing further damage. Just...
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Deer Number 8 I've Hit With My Ranch Hand Bumper

February 4, 2019
Deer number 8 I've hit with my Ranch Hand Bumper. Great big buck at 55 miles an hour. If I would have had the bolts tighter I don't think the bumper would have moved an inch. Stan.
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Ranch Hand Took The Hit For Us

February 4, 2019
2006 Ford F-250 Super Duty. The other driver blew red light. 50 Mph impact. The other vehicle a Ford Explorer was a Total. Ranch Hand took the hit for us. - Thank You Ranch Hand, Michael.
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Your Front Bumper Saved My Truck Today And A Possible ...

January 8, 2019
Just want to say thank you guys for making a quality product for my Chevrolet. Your front bumper saved my truck today and a possible wreck. I hit this 9 point square on going 65 mph and there wasn’t a scratch on the bumper. Thank you guys again!   -Jd
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Not A Scratch!

January 3, 2019
My wife bought me a Legend Replacement Bumper for my 2017 F-250. Couple of days after it was installed I hit a deer going about 50 mph. There is zero damage to the truck or the bumper. I depend on my truck for my business and because of your product...
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