I Hit A Deer

May 23, 2018
I hit a deer and the Ranch Hand front bumper did not move. Unfortunately the deer got into the fender and door. If I had hit the deer on the bumper only I would not have even had a scratch… Thank you Ranch Hand for making a strong and durable...
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My Truck Had No Damage

May 11, 2018
I was on my way to a family vacation on NC Highway 12 when the car in front of my stopped quickly and I hit it at about 40 mph. My truck had no damage, the other car was not so lucky (All that black stuff on my hood is...
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Our Ranch Hand Took It All!

May 8, 2018
We were sitting at a Pilot Station on the truckers side at the fuel pump. My husband had gone in to pay for the fuel, my son was in the bed of our 3500 Dodge Ram unhooking some fuel cans. Our three daughters and myself were sitting in the cab...
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My Ranch Hand Bumper Truly Saved My Life

May 5, 2018
I had the full replacement front bumper and full rear bumper on my 1999 Ford Superduty F250. I was driving down a windy 2 lane country highway when I lost my back end. My bed swung around too fast to correct and I was forced to go with it. Roll...
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Bumper Stayed Solid

March 16, 2018
I bought a Ranch Hand Bumper a few weeks ago and it saved my life! This Monday morning I fell asleep behind the wheel and hit a huge pine tree over 60mph. The bumper stayed solid as my frame bent, broke, and hit the ground! Ranch Hand Bumpers is definitely...
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Ranch Hand Helped Keep Me In One Piece

March 15, 2018
I got into a collision with another truck. Up here in the mountains we worry more about mule deer and elk impacts and a Ranch Hand is a very common accessory on trucks and SUVs. My truck got totaled, but it could have been a lot worse. I truly believe...
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Hit A Deer At 40MPH

January 18, 2018
Dear Ranch Hand: I wanted to thank you for donating the Legend Grille Guard prize for the Canyon High School golf tournament, organized as a fundraiser for the team. We were the winners, solely by the luck of the draw, and it sure took the sting out of those...
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'It saved my life and it saved my baby's life'

December 22, 2017
Transcript: Candace: We were laughing. And then the next thing I know it was the glass is coming into my face. I'm Candace Condel. I'm 27, born and raised in Gonzalez. I was in an accident where we went head-on with a vehicle. From that morning I got up and...
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SETH SPIKER 'Ranch Hand Saved My Life'

March 13, 2017
This is not an everyday story.  This is is a story about a man who survived an unbelievable event. In his words, without a Ranch Hand Grille Guard on his truck, the least severe outcome would've been his ‘legs being crushed.’ Take a second to watch the video so you...
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“Had I not been saved by the Ranch Hand protection, ...

September 26, 2016
Tyler and his wife are house parents at an organization called Bluebonnet Youth Ranch, a non-profit charitable organization that serves as a long-term, residential home for dependent, abused and neglected children. Tyler said, “God obviously called us to this area. We currently have seven foster children plus our two biological...
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