Tough Bumpers

November 28, 2023
I am very thankful for Ranch Hands tough bumpers because it save my truck from being totaled. The 2021 Ram 3500 that I drive has Ranch Hand bumpers front and back for about a year and a half now. I have had a few instances where the back bumper has...
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Every Truck I own

November 15, 2023
I got hit head on at 55mph last night by a full sized F250. ABSOLUTELY no doubt my Ranch Hand brush guard saved my truck. I was barely injured, and drove my truck off the road! EVERY truck I own will have one. I am more impressed with this than...
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November 1, 2023
We couldn’t be more thankful for this brush guard. It quite literally saved my husband from having a motor in his lap when colliding with a bus due to bad roads. Thankfully there were no kids on it yet and the driver was safe as well. While the brush guard...
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Highly Recommend

October 26, 2023
Rear Sport Bumper on my 2017 Ram 1500 - I love this bumper. Within two weeks of installing this bumper, a huge dually backed into my truck, leaving no damage to my truck because of my Ranch Hand bumper. Highly recommend!! ~ Cash
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My Ranch Hand

October 23, 2023
I bought my Ranch Hand full replacement for my 2011 F250 in 2016 and never needed it until 2023 when my wife was ran into by a John Deere sprayer. Sprayers are very high off the ground and hit the bumper at the top where the most leverage is at...
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Longhorn Cattle

October 17, 2023
This bumper has worked good to protect the front of my truck with aggressive longhorn cattle. As well as recently an impact of a deer that came out of the ditch at 60 mph no time to apply brakes. Minimal damage to the bumper and just a headlight bulb that...
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Protected My Truck

October 4, 2023
Every vehicle I ever own will have a Ranch Hand installed on it. I currently have a F350 with a replacement bumper and brush guard. I also have a King Ranch Expedition Max and Toyota Tacoma with the Legend brush guard. I finally tested my brush guard hitting a deer...
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Ranch Hand Bumper

September 26, 2023
I put several thousand miles on my F350 every month and I have had my Ranch Hand for about a year. This past week I was Traveling with a gooseneck trailer loaded with about 15klbs and driving about 50mph down a 4 lane when a driver crossed the median and...
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Ranch Hand Sport Series Front Bumper

September 25, 2023
In November of 2021 just before Thanksgiving I was driving south on a 4 lane Hwy and came up to an intersection where they had a stop sign. I was doing 65 and there was a white pickup sitting in the turning lane facing me and a tan pickup at...
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Ranch Hand Legend Grille Guard

August 15, 2023
We installed a Ranch Hand Legend Series grille guard on a 2016 Ford F150. While it was safely parked in a parking space, a drunk driver hit the truck in the driver side on the edge of the grille guard with enough force to pull our truck sideways across 3...
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Share your story with Ranch Hand. We enjoy knowing how our products have helped you in a positive way from using your bumper to work the land to avoiding an expensive repair on your vehicle and everything in between. We’re honored to continue to make products right here in the United States for people just like you!
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