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September 6, 2017
For quality, durability and safety, Leonard’s chooses Ranch Hand for truck accessories.
Leonard Buildings & Truck Accessories of Conway, South Carolina, and headquartered in Mount Airy, North Carolina, is big — 56 locations in 5 states. They specialize in aftermarket automotive accessories for vehicles, from front to rear. "When a customer wants the toughest construction in a front or rear end bumper, we go to Ranch Hand,” said David Harris, their Assistant Manager. Harris mentioned that they sell a lot to construction companies, as well, because they require a tough, dependable truck bumper with winch capabilities for job sites. "We also sell...
August 25, 2017
Hurricane Harvey
Due to Hurricane Harvey, Ranch Hand will be closed today. Our top priorities at this time are our employees, their families and the safety and security of all those in the path of the storm. We love our home here in South Texas and are praying for everyone in our area.
August 18, 2017
Ranch Hand will be at the NATDA Expo in Indianapolis, IN, September 7-9, 2017. Visit booth 975 to learn about our new products being showcased at the show and how to become a Ranch Hand dealer! "Our dealers are special to us and I look forward to meeting buyers and sellers together under one roof,” Sales Representative Erik Umscheid said. "The Ranch Hand brand is known for offering dealers the highest manufacturing quality in the industry and, in return, our dealers do...
August 10, 2017
How Ranch Hand Products Help Wholesalers
Wholesalers have a lot of clients who depend on them. Here’s how Ranch Hand helps them remain reliable, competitive, and successful. Even as businesses change, customers still appreciate quality products. Such is the case with Osborn Pick-Up Accessories. By bringing Ranch Hand products into the family business, Osborn has combined their trademark reliability with top-of-the-line truck protection products. From Mom-and-Pop to Wholesale Sarah and Will Osborn took over Osborn Pick-Up Accessories from Will’s family after graduating from Oklahoma State...
July 30, 2017
Spencer Boyd Video and Transcript
“I love that feeling of being in a car and being on the edge. The speed and being able to go out there and give it your all. I’m Spencer Boyd and I’m a NASCAR Driver. I think everyone has that moment whether it’s that sport or whatever they do outside of just being a young kid. You realize you have passion for something. I was ten years old racing at Charlotte Motor Speedway and I drove through the...
July 11, 2017
Brandon Noska Joins Ranch Hand As Director of Engineering
Brandon Noska has joined Ranch Hand as Director of Engineering. Brandon has extensive experience in bringing new technologies and products to market for the energy, aerospace, electronics and lighting industries. Brandon is a multi-skilled professional with over 16 years of experience in mechanical design, product development, and R&D.  His versatility and talents have allowed him to take on roles in engineering, marketing and sales over the course of his career. His background includes working with multifunctional teams and customers domestically and...
July 10, 2017
What Can Ranch Hand Offer Local Businesses?
Ranch Hand’s commitment to a tight fitment and sturdy, reliable products has helped many businesses serve their communities. The Importance of Fitment in Choosing a Ranch Hand Bumper Chet DeMoss is the owner of C Bar D Trailers and Accessories in the small New Mexico community of Socorro. When it comes to truck accessories, “I do it all,” says Chet. C Bar D has been going strong for a decade, and they have sold Ranch Hand for eight of...
June 22, 2017
Showing Off with Ranch Hand
The H&H Show Truck is meant to stand out. While the team was proud of their efforts in the past, they strived to really turn heads with the design of this vehicle. Tom Harrell, VP of Operations at H&H Home and Truck Accessories, recently spoke about the truck, and how using Ranch Hand products has helped it convey the right image. After adding our Horizon Series bumpers to the Ford Super Duty, the company felt more confident about showing...
June 20, 2017
Win Big with Ranch Hand!
Here at Ranch Hand, we like to give back to the customers who use our bumpers, guards, and accessories. When we hear about people using Ranch Hand products, it makes us excited to know that our craftsmanship helps others protect their vehicles. Showing off your Ranch Hand products can help you win big – our new photo contest gives customers the chance to get a special prize package! How Do You Use Ranch Hand? Do you take pride in...
June 12, 2017
Ranch Hand Products Help Reach New Markets
How a Ranch Hand Dealer expanded his customer base Drivers appreciate the protection and customization options they get from Ranch Hand products. From well-fitted grille guards to accessories like running steps, Ranch Hand offers plenty of products to protect and enhance vehicles. While those who want a bit of added protection for their truck or SUV can benefit greatly from Ranch Hand, business owners with an eye for quality can also reap perks. Scott Wood has helped customers get...