How Ranch Hand Products Help Wholesalers
August 10, 2017

How Ranch Hand Products Help Wholesalers

Wholesalers have a lot of clients who depend on them. Here’s how Ranch Hand helps them remain reliable, competitive, and successful. Even as businesses change, customers still appreciate quality products. Such is the case with Osborn Pick-Up Accessories. By bringing Ranch Hand products into the family business, Osborn has combined their trademark reliability with top-of-the-line truck protection products.

From Mom-and-Pop to Wholesale

Sarah and Will Osborn took over Osborn Pick-Up Accessories from Will’s family after graduating from Oklahoma State University in 2011. For the past six years, they’ve evolved from a mom-and-pop truck accessory shop to, primarily, a wholesale operation. Currently, the company works with about 20 dealers in Central and Western Oklahoma. Though the operation lacks a traditional storefront, Sarah says their dedicated customer-base provides steady business. “We have a great set of customers and dealers we work with,” she said. The organization had been selling Ranch Hand before Sarah and her husband took over, but they’ve since expanded. “The success of the products speaks for itself – Ranch Hand is the only brand of bumpers, grille guards and running steps we sell.”

A Focus on the Customer

Sarah’s experience with Ranch Hand products was relatively non-existent before she became involved in Osborn Pick-Up Accessories. She quickly found out that the products offered the type of quality her customers look for. “When we first took over the business, I didn’t know much about Ranch Hand – but it didn’t take very long to figure out it sells itself. When someone hears the name Ranch Hand, they know the product has a reputation of being reliable and strong.” Sarah praised Ranch Hand for truly standing behind their customer. This makes it easier for her and her husband to provide their dealers with the solutions they need. Sarah says she can get issues taken care of usually within the same day with Ranch Hand’s Customer Service.

Providing Protection for All

Sarah frequently hears testimonials from customers who said Ranch Hand products protected their vehicles. She understands how people want to guard their investment. “It can put their mind at ease knowing that Ranch Hand is standing between their truck and a deer, a cow, or whatever else could unexpectedly pop up.” Sarah has said the reliance on Ranch Hand products isn’t something that goes away after operating hours. On the family farm near their business, she says all the guys use Ranch Hand products on their trucks. As for her favorite thing about working with Ranch Hand, Sarah appreciates having a partnership with a reputable product provider. “My favorite thing is probably just how well-known they are for being reliable and strong.”