Meet Trevor Davenport — The Ranch Hand Ambassador, Arborist & Entrepreneur
June 29, 2023

Meet Trevor Davenport — The Ranch Hand Ambassador, Arborist & Entrepreneur

    If you haven't met Trevor Davenport just yet, let us introduce you. Trevor is known on Instagram and TikTok as a Ranch Hand ambassador, truck enthusiast and social media personality that runs the Florida Green Source and Container Grown Wholesale Plant nurseries in Naples, Florida. He drives a 2018 Chevy 2500 HD diesel truck and he's truly a one-of-a-kind character who prides himself on hard work and determination. At just 23 years old, the third-generation entrepreneur runs an arbor and nursery that grows plants and trees with the help of his father and grandfather while commanding a following of more than 100K on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. Trevor proves that big dreams are possible with hard work and determination. The entrepreneur turned social media personality is making big waves in the social world as well as in his local community where he and his family have worked and resided for generations. Follow along in our one-on-one conversation with Trevor as he tells his story, reveals what makes him tick and explains what has driven him to get where he is today. And, lest we forget to mention his two sidekicks — Skeeter the dog and Ricky Bobby the hog.  
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    Alright, what's the story on Ricky Bobby?

    I just got Ricky Bobby — well, actually he managed to find me on my property and when I got him he couldn't have been more than 2 months old. He's a nut job — he's crazy and fast, but if you ain't first, you're last [laughs]. Although, I'll add that while he is friendly, you've got to be careful — he can bite. So, he's fun but you've got to watch yourself. He almost got me earlier and he's also learned how to get out of his cage as well. The little guy's pretty smart.  
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    Tell us about your wing man, Skeeter. Is he still riding shotgun?

    Skeeter is a German shorthaired pointer and he's a nut case. He likes The Who and howls like crazy when Baba O'Riley comes on while driving down the road in my truck. He definitely has a personality to him and sometimes people say he seems almost human. And yes! He does ride shotgun in the truck just like a person would, with his arm up on the armrest as if he owns the place, and he does it all the time while howling at various songs. And, while I've never properly trained him for hunting, he's managed to learn on his own. He's got a nose on him and can smell anything and everything. He sniffs out deer and can track them from a half mile away.    

    What's life all about for you? What's your "north"?

    I believe that dreams are possible through hard work and determination. So, I work hard to make my dreams come true. I enjoy work — I learned that from my dad and grandad. Growing up, I saw them working hard and getting what they wanted through their work and discipline. I was raised thinking that dreams can come true and the only thing that really stands in between those dreams and you is your work ethic and determination.  
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    You have a "hustle" attitude that is very apparent. Where does that come from?

    It comes from how I was raised — to get what you want you've got to work for it and you've also got to take pride in your work. There's no handouts, so if you've got an idea of what you want out of life, then the only thing separating you from that reality is your time and effort. Watching my dad run up a successful business helped me to realize what kind of effort it takes to make a business run effectively and what it takes to make your dream a reality. And, from the inside looking out, it isn't pretty — long tiresome hours, loads of stress, blood, sweat and tears. But in the end it's all worth it.    

    What inspired you to start your own business?

    Watching my dad work and run the family business inspired me when I was growing up. He taught me the way of the business and I picked up my work ethic from him, just as my grandpa did for him. It was a lot of work at first, but it paid off 100%. I got used to working hard from a young age and that conditioned me well for entrepreneurship. Lots of kids play for fun. Growing up, I would often work around the family business and I always enjoyed it — that was my "play". As I got older, I'd often work from 7-5 at my family's nursery and then later I decided to start my own nursery. So, after working at the family business I'd take off and work 5-9 at Florida Green Source, which is now my own nursery. I wanted to start my own nursery and so I put the work in to get it moving and just started small. Now I've got 3,000 of my own plants. So, having a dream and vision of having my own business — both as a nursery and as a social media influencer has been the inspiration for the long hours and work. And while I feel I've just started, it inspires me further and makes me wonder where this all can take me.  
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    You were inspired by your dad and grandad, and then just started out small on your own?

    I started working for my dad in the family business. It was a 7-5 gig. I took extra money and started planting my own plants. Little by little I had my own plants growing. And, before long it was a full-on business of my own. I continued to work, putting all my extra money into my business and just constantly reinvested the money to build it up. And now I have 3,000 of my own trees and I'm still growing. Each time I have had extra money, I add new beds for trees and just keep it going slowly and surely. While I was working on my own nursery, Florida Green Source, I started to work on my truck. I always had a dream to have an online presence and becoming a YouTuber or influencer. So, I just started to document and tell my story on Instagram and TikTok. It's all been about taking pride in my truck — my truck is me and personifies my work ethic and desire to build.    

    Did the family legacy inspire your work and discipline?

    I started when I was a kid. I was out there trimming plants at 8 years old. I've been doing this for a while, since I was little at least, and it's all I know. I learned from my dad, grandpa and uncle. We work hard and hustle to get what we want, and we constantly reinvest our work into our family and the business. This keeps the legacy going. And surely, God willing, it will be here for the next generation, my kids and grandkids as well.    

    Tell us more about your grandpa.

    He is 83 years old and let me tell you, he still works daily. He doesn't know anything else, other than work. So even at his age, he is still at it. Working daily and enjoying life. Just as he always has done. He's also been around and done a lot. He is experienced and wise. He is one of those old guys that are gentle but tough, intelligent yet down to earth and he's lived an interesting life. But above all else, he's dedicated to his work and family and that’s why he has been successful.  
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    Is there a connection between your hustle, your business and your truck?

    I got myself to a certain point in life through honest hard work and dedication. And, with each step of success and each point of growth, I didn't want to get comfortable and basically lose it all. My truck is a motivation for me and helps me to build. If I keep it up — keep working hard and keep at it — I can keep building trucks like this one and keep upgrading my life and evolving. So, it kind of represents the work element of things and really helps me stay motivated. If I keep doing what I'm doing now, I'll have this plus more in the future. That's my thinking.
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    Speaking to big dreams, what do those look like?

    I'm proud of what I've accomplished so far, but this is just the beginning. I'd love a large piece of property with a sweet shop and a nice pool. I'd love to have a ranch of my own. I'd want a large outdoor pool and patio, with a hangout spot to host friends and family. A place where I can grill and host watch parties during hockey season with a kitchen for cooking during hockey games and F1 races. Florida Panthers — let's go! And I also love cars and trucks, so naturally I would want a go-cart track with a pond in the center of the track. That would be awesome. I'm also thinking of a 30-car garage, more like a 30-car warehouse for my trucks and toys. It would be a place to spend time and work on the cars, with lifts to do maintenance and work. And, of course it wouldn't be complete without a massive man cave with a pool table, arcade games and big-screen TVs for late-night fun.  

    When you look at your truck, what do you see?

    Foremost, I use my truck for work. So, when I look at my truck I think about my business and how my truck has helped me to get to a place in life that I never thought possible. From building my following on social media and through the work at my business — when I look at my truck I think about how it helped me to transform my work and efforts into results, and how it helped me to get into a position in life that many people dream of. I've made a presence on social media and have built a successful business that has given me a happy life and home. My truck has taken me places in life that I never thought possible. And here I am; I've built a dream with my own two hands and something about that feels very satisfying. It's something to take pride in and my truck kind of embodies that work and progress.  

    Your rig started out as a work truck and then became another venture for entrepreneurship?

    So, I bought it to use as a work truck. But then I started my TikTok and started fixing it up little by little — I kind of always wanted to have a presence on social media. I had a little accident on the beach one year during the Daytona truck meet. After my accident at the beach and after posting my video of the damage, the video blew up. That's when I saw the opportunity and thought I should really give this a go and see what happens. After the accident, I started to take pride in my truck more and started modifying it a bit. There's something really cool about customizing your truck — it says a lot about you and represents your personality and work ethic. It's something that reflects who you are while helping you to earn a living. It's both an expression and a tool for running a business. That's a very powerful thing and that's what has inspired me about both my truck and Ranch Hand.

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    Was the accident a twist of fate? Did it make a positive impact in the end?

    People dream about becoming an online personality, but when I posted the video of the damage it blew up and proved to me that the idea was a possibility. And being an influencer was something that I have always thought about and wanted to do. Having a presence on social media and being a YouTuber is awesome, but when that video popped and got attention it showed me that the dream of being an influencer was actually a possibility. There's something really cool about modifying a truck and people seem to like that kind of content, especially if you've got a story behind you.  

    What exactly happened to your truck that set you on the path towards becoming an influencer ?

    I was at the beach in Daytona meeting up with a buddy. I was waiting for a spot to open up near the water by my friend. I was just waiting there when some guy decided to whip into the spot and then he immediately hopped out of his truck while it was still in reverse. He didn't even realize it. The truck started rolling back and he wasn't paying attention at first. I was grabbing something out of my backpack from the back of the truck when my buddy yelled "Watch out!" I looked up and saw this guy running — sprinting after his own truck. By that point, it was too late and his truck ran right into mine, damaging it. Funny story.  

    That's quite a story. It seems stressful to have your work truck damaged.

    And it was, but at that point the only thing I had on the truck was the 20x12 Hostile wheels — I'd actually just put these wheels on it a week before. Being that it was my work truck and the accident did take down my work truck for a short while, it was a ding to my business. But it was also a silver lining — this event also inspired me to customize and modify my truck. Once it was damaged I just wanted to fix it. And once it was fixed, I didn't stop and I started to customize it. I wanted to make it more than it was. Overall, it was a silver-lined accident.  

    At this point, were you angry about the truck?

    This guy was a point of frustration for sure. But at this point, I hadn't done too much work to my truck. This event is what inspired me to make it "mine". I wanted it fixed. And while it was getting fixed I started looking at suspension upgrades and this situation is where the passion for upgrading my truck really started. After the upgrades, I started to get into the truck scene. I did the color matching, got the new upper control arms and suspension upgrades. Now it's got personality. It's a "bubba" truck. It's sharp looking but made for work. No extra wide rims and tires for me. I never really did much truck customization before this event. Afterwards, I learned a ton about working on trucks and customizing them. It became a new passion and I learned a lot. I loved the idea of making it mine and saving money while also being able to take pride in making my own. When I drive down the road, my work shows and it's a point of pride. So, I drive it and people see this pride as I drive down the road.
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    When it comes to work, what kind towing do you use your truck for?

    The truck is used to run and operate the business from start to finish. We use 30' and 35' gooseneck trailers for transporting plants and moving trees and delivering to customers. So, I wouldn't be able to do run the business without my CURT gooseneck hitch. I use it daily for hauling customers' orders and trees. We deliver plants and trees and also use the truck and trailers to move around heavy equipment. Sometimes they're even used to towing or moving vehicles. I've towed my own truck with my own trailer. That's pretty funny. When not using the gooseneck hitch, I also use a CURT drop Rebellion hitch that is good for towing standard trailer types.
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    How does the CURT™ Rebellion hitch work for you?

    Well, it works really well to be honest. It's great because it's got a drop to it so I can use it for varying load capacities and trailer types. It works with them all. But my favorite part is how smooth it makes towing. I mean, it really absorbs everything and gives a very smooth towing experience. All the bumps and vibrations. It's great. Especially when I have a dump trailer attached and I hook up to it, you can tell it helps a lot. Adjusting the ball height is great for using this hitch with multiple trailers. Changing height is fairly easy. It's got a j-pin that pulls out and then you can just adjust the height and level different trailers or payloads pretty easily.
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    How about the UWS dog box and UWS tool box? How does Skeeter like the dog box?

    Honestly, the dog box is great. I've got Skeeter trained very well, but I'll tell you — if he sees something that he wants he's going to go for it, and he will jump right out of the bed. So, overall, it's great to have a dog box to keep him secure in the back. And, I really like having the dog box to keep Skeeter in place. And the tool box is great to keep my bed organized and tools safe and secure. It's a double win.
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    How about the CAT plate on the front of your truck?

    That's a funny story. Running a CAT plate on your truck was a trend for a while on IG and TikTok, but who really has a CAT front loader? Very few people, but hey I do. So, while it was a trend and I do have the CAT plate, I actually do have a Caterpillar front loader. A lot of people would ask me " Do you even have a Cat loader," to which I respond by saying, "Yes, I've got a Cat loader."  

    Perhaps it could be WhistlinDiesel's long-lost skid steer?

    HA! That's really funny but no, it's mine. Don't tell him though he may think it's his and come looking for it. But actually, I think his was a John Deere I believe. Caterpillars are better anyways. If he ever finds his, I'll bet my CAT against his John Deere any day.  

    So back to your CAT loader, what do you use it for?

    Loading plants, heavy items and trees. We use it to load up the trailer with customer orders and use it for maintenance around the property and on the roads. Little things here and there. We also have smaller tractors as well to pull smaller trailers and do lighter work. They make life a lot easier.  

    What's your favorite movie?

    Talladega Nights was a good one. It's an old one but it's hilarious. That's where the name for my hog came from, Ricky Bobby. Because he is so fast. Other than that, the Fast & Furious series.
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    What inspires you the most about Ranch Hand?

    I used to see Ranch Hand steel bumpers on trucks and naturally thought that they were reserved for cattle farmers and ranchers. So when I think of Ranch Hand I think of the farming and ranching lifestyle, and I have a ton of respect for those guys — they're respectable hard-working family types who really sacrifice a ton for their farms, families and our country. They work hard to put the food on the table at their own homes and for America's homes too. Ranch Hand also reminds me of those who work around the clock to keep things moving — those first responders who keep us safe and who are just a call away when emergencies occur. Also, those who work to keep the lights on and the water running around our cities — those that work behind the scenes and have tough, difficult and dirty jobs that people often take for granted. People don't recognize or realize the sacrifices they make to keep us comfortable and the country moving. I see their hard work and determination and that's what has given me pride in my own business as well.

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How about the Ranch Hand running steps? How do you like those?

    I really like them. They're unique in the way they look and function. They're great steps and they don't stick out too much visually. They have a really clean look and they flow well with the truck well. When you look closely, they grab your attention and you definitely notice them. When you do see them, you see notice quality and unique style. They look really sharp, but they're also not screaming at you, you know, begging for attention. I've seen some Nerf bars ruin trucks. But with the Ranch Hand running steps, their style basically just matches the body of the truck very well, almost like a factory fit or upgrade. They're great and they accentuate the look of your truck. I also like that they provide protection. They're robust and reinforced well, so when you're working they protect the truck from debris on the ground and they also help to save your rocker panels and seats from getting worn out when entering and exiting the truck.

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    Any finishing words? If you could impart your own two cents of wisdom onto the world, what would you say to motivate and inspire people?

    I will say that while I've had a lot of success and while that success is more public facing online, behind closed doors I've also quietly struggled with a lot of stress, anxiety and even depression along the way. It has set me back in certain ways. But I've learned that getting into the right mindset and reminding yourself daily that you CAN do it and you CAN get through the stress and the hurdles is a huge part of overcoming these things. Working through it all has taught me about mindset — you can get a lot further in life if you can just get into the mindset of telling yourself and reminding yourself daily that you CAN do it. Then your life will change. And, truth is, you can get through what you're going through if you can acknowledge the kind of thoughts that are running through your head and change them. I used to catch myself saying and thinking, "You can't do that" and then I'd try it one time, fail and then re-affirm that thought by saying "See, you knew you couldn't do that." Eventually, I got tired of it and realized these thoughts and this mindset was getting in the way of my dreams. So I just kept at it and got comfortable with failing as many times as necessary until I eventually succeeded. If you can do this one thing, just stay consistent and keep up the effort — if you can put your mind over matter and endure the feelings of failure, you will be successful. It's all mind over matter. And I'm not saying it's easy, but I've been dealing with this all my life. I've learned you have to routinely fail in order to achieve success. Just keep your nose to the grindstone, no matter what's going on or what's happening. In other words — do the hard work today. Get nitty gritty and stay consistent, then you can reap the rewards into the future.  

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