How to Choose the Best Truck Bumper — The Comprehensive Buyers Guide
June 7, 2023

How to Choose the Best Truck Bumper — The Comprehensive Buyers Guide

    Every truck needs a good bumper — a good bumper has style and gives your truck a distinguished look while protecting you from unforeseen obstacles that come your way. From thick brush and off-road debris to road hazards and deer, or anything else that might pop up when you're on your route, a good truck bumper is a smart investment that is worth the money and will pay dividends in the case of an emergency.

    When the time comes to choose the right bumper for your truck, however, finding the right one can be quite a task. There's a lot of aftermarket truck bumpers to choose from and many out there just won't cut it. If you're looking for a bumper that's built in America and made to last many miles and many years, a Ranch Hand bumper is the right choice for your truck. It'll protect you and your family each and every mile and work hard day-in and day-out.

    This comprehensive guide will help you through the decision-making process to decide which bumper is best suited for your truck and your needs.

    Ranch Hand bumpers are made by working hands

    Quality is Paramount — It Really Matters for Strength & Longevity

    When choosing a bumper, quality is paramount and anybody who has purchased a Ranch Hand bumper will tell you the same — they're built tough and can tackle any job or obstacle that comes their way.,

    This is why Ranch Hand steel bumpers are trusted by first responders across the nation, from fire squads and ambulance fleets alike. Our truck bumpers are perfect for protecting your rig and performing on the job. They're hand fabricated in Shiner, Texas and that matters. Each bumper is crafted with careful eyes and working hands, meticulously fabricated and built right with utmost attention to detail.

    They're also built with the highest quality of materials available. Our diamond-plate steel is forged from the highest quality steel around, and our bumpers are designed, cut, fabricated, welded and finished right here in the USA.

    That's not all — Ranch Hand steel bumpers are all finished with a highly durable powder coat that is made to protect from impacts, dings and scratches and will hold up for many years of rough use. The extra durable, super-polyester powder coat works tirelessly to keep your bumper looking sharp and protected from both the elements and the jobsite.

    There's only one truck bumper that's truly built to withstand the heavy use that happens day-in and day-out on the toughest jobs — Ranch Hand.

    Ranch Hand is the original ranch style bumper

    Style is Important — Choose Something That Stands Out & Compliments Your Truck

    Style is important, as your bumper needs to look sharp while protecting. Some bumpers may try imitating the look, but there's only one bumper that features the original ranch style — and it comes from our facilities in Shiner, Texas.

    Ranch Hand bumpers are engineered for work. They're built tough and perform, whether that be on the ranch or on the jobsite. The result of this engineering and design is a distinguished, tough look that cannot be emulated, just as hard work can't be imitated.

    Ranch Hand bumpers have style that signals dependability and punctuality. They're built for those who punch in early and work late. For those who work tough jobs and long hours, who depend on their trucks just as their family and friends depend on them — they'll be there no matter the time of day or the task at hand.

    Ranch Hand bumpers are the original ranch-style bumper. Often imitated, yet never duplicated. They're made for the ranching lifestyle and not just styled to look like it.

    Ranch Hand is the most functional bumper around.

    Function Is Imperative — Choose a Bumper That's Equipped for the Job at Hand

    When spending good money on a bumper, it's imperative that you choose one that will have the right features and can handle the duties you need it to perform. Some bumpers are made to provide more basic protection and are built to be lightweight while looking good.

    Other bumpers are heavier and bulkier and are made to provide heavy-duty protection. These often times come winch ready with options such as a full grille-guard or bull-bar.

    Ranch Hand makes bumpers for varied uses and functions and are featured in differing styles. From front bumpers and winch bumpers to rear bumpers and grille guards, there's one for every truck and every use — from working on the jobsite, to enjoying a late night out on the town and everything in between.

    Ranch Hand has you covered.

    Ranch Hand's Legend Series is the original ranch style bumper

    The Legend Series — The Original, Heavy-duty, 'Ranch-Style' Bumper & Grille Guard Made for Hardworking Trucks

    The Legend series is made for those who work hard. Fabricated by hand in Shiner, Texas, the Legend series is built tough and makes a statement. It's an icon — it delivers on the job and will give you one less thing to worry about.

    It's the original ranch-style bumper and features thick diamond plate steel construction and 4-1/2" schedule-40 steel pipe which spans the front of the truck, contouring the body and providing heavy-duty strength and protection.

    The Legend front bumper provides robust protection from whatever comes your way and features a wrap-around full grille guard which has thick 5/16" uprights and 12-gauge perforated steel inserts. The 2" front receiver comes standard and is handy for moving trailers and mounting cargo carriers or other accessories.

    Also available is the bullnose option which features 2" thick, 12-gauge tubing that provides an off-road, rally style while still providing moderate protection to the truck grille. The Legend series also offers a matching rear bumper that features 4-1/2" schedule-40 pipe and diamond-plate steel for dependable strength. It's ready to tow and is rated for 10,000 lbs. towing capacity and can handle up to 1,000 lbs. tongue weight.

    If you're looking for just a grille guard, the Legend series stand-alone grille guard is one of the best grille guards around. It can be bolted up quickly and provides protection while utilizing your factory bumper. The Legend grille guard is built with the same robust quality as the Legend front bumper with full grille guard and features 5/16" thick uprights with 12-gauge thick steel tubing and perforated inserts.

    All Legend series products feature one-piece fabrication and come fully welded, with no bolt-on pieces that can rattle and loosen over time. The premium super-polyester powder coat finish is robust and strong and outperforms other powder coat finishes, offering increased protection from impacts, dings and scratches as well as unmatched corrosion protection.

    Ranch Hand Legend Series

    Ranch Hand's Sport series is made for heavy duty work and recovery

    The Sport Series — Our Winch-Ready Bumper Made for Heavy-Duty Work & Recovery

    The Sport series is built for those who work long days and even longer nights. Fabricated by hand in Shiner, Texas, and capable of housing a 16,500 lb. Warn winch — it's built for work and demanding situations and is ready to recover you from any kind of mishap you encounter on the backroads or jobsite.

    It's made for heavy-duty applications that demand the toughest bumper for the job. Featuring high-strength, 1/4" thick, formed C-channel steel that spans the width of the front and contours the truck, the Sport series is Ranch Hand's heaviest bumper and is built to take a hit.

    You'd be hard-pressed to find a front bumper tougher than the Ranch Hand Sport. Its extra-thick 1/4" C-channel steel is unrivaled and when paired with a full grille guard, the Sport is unstoppable. Alongside the Legend, it's Ranch Hand's best grille guard for deer. The full grille guard is made from thick 12-gauge steel tubing and extra-thick 5/16" uprights. Overall, the Sport series is a winch bumper that's perfect for heavy duty work and recovery and has a robust, bold style that gestures respect and will give you something to brag about.

    The Sport series also offers a matching rear bumper that features the same thick, 1/4" C-channel steel for unmatched, rugged strength and 3/16" thick diamond-plate steel for good traction and heavy-duty use. It also comes standard with 6" LED oval lights for improved rear visibility.

    The Sport also features once-piece, full welded fabrication and this provides superior strength and prevents break-down and rattling pieces. It's made to endure many years of hard work and features a super- polyester powder coat finish. The premium super-polyester powder coat finish is robust and strong and outperforms other powder coat finishes, offering increased protection from impacts, dings and scratches as well as unmatched corrosion protection.

    Ranch Hand Sport Series

    The Ranch Hand Midnight series is modern and futuristic.

    The Midnight Series — A Modern, Form-Fitted Bumper with Sophisticated Style

    The Midnight series is built for those who go hard at everything they do, from the jobsite to the late night and everything in between. It's for those who live life in the fast lane, press forward and don't have time for looking back.

    The Midnight series is made with thick, 7-gauge smooth steel and is offered with an optional full grille guard that is made with thick 12-gauge tubing for enhanced protection and 12-gauge perforated steel inserts to protect your LED lights, lightbar and grille from rocks and brush or anything else you cross.

    The front bumper is made to house a lightbar up to 32" wide and can house two 2" LED lights on each side. It's also made to be compatible with factory fog lights and front-facing cameras. The perforated steel inserts are removable to install and clean your lights and the bumper can also be run without the inserts to give more visibility to your lights.

    The raw steel of the Midnight series is treated with a special, rust-resistant liquid A-coat which protects from rust and corrosion for a dependable bumper that'll withstand the elements. The liquid A-coat pairs together perfectly with the durable, black powder coat finish to keep your bumper looking sharp and protected from both the elements and any impacts or scratches.

    The Midnight series offers a matching rear bumper that features the same rugged, 7-gauge smooth steel with 12-gauge perforated inserts to protect optional 2" LED lights. The angled side wings provide increased wheel and ground clearance for off-road use front and rear.

    The Midnight series is for work and play, from early in the morning to late at night. It's the go-to bumper for an energetic lifestyle and a sophisticated look.

    Ranch Hand Midnight Series

    The Ranch Hand Summit series is bold, rugged and lightweight.

    The Summit Series — A Rugged, Ranch-Style Bumper with Weight Savings

    The Summit series is built for those who travel far away from concrete cityscapes. Built by hand in Shiner, Texas, the Summit series offers robust strength and reduced weight for those who venture far into the unknown. It'll stand up to unforeseen obstacles and will get you to your destination while protecting you along the way.

    Featuring a rugged, ranch-style look, the Summit front truck bumper has a bold and adventurous design and is built with high-strength yet lightweight 12-gauge, diamond-plate steel. Constructed with 5/16" uprights for high-tensile strength and durability and offered with a full grille guard made from 12-gauge steel tube, the Summit provides lightweight yet robust protection and has the looks to match.

    The Summit is also available with a 2" bullnose, made from thick, 12-gauge steel tube and reinforced to provide extra strength from obstacles. The bullnose gives the bumper off-road Baja style that separates and distinguishes it from others while still providing protection to the truck's front end.

    The Summit, like all Ranch Hand aftermarket truck bumpers, features one-piece steel fabrication and is fully welded to provide maximum strength, while preventing rattling or loose parts for many years and miles of use.

    The Summit is compatible with front-facing sensors and cameras and is made to bolt up without any hassle, and works with factory fog lights and tow hooks, with no cutting, welding or drilling required. Simply bolt up and hit the road.

    The premium super-polyester powder coat finish is resilient and strong and outperforms other powder coat finishes, offering increased protection from impacts, dings and scratches as well as unmatched corrosion protection.

    The Summit is made for long trips towards distant destinations. It's made to protect from any kind of obstacle you may cross far from the cityscape and is lightweight and strong for encounters with the unknown.

    Ranch Hand Summit Series

    The Ranch Hand is made with pride and will make you proud.

    The Best Aftermarket Truck Bumper is the One That Protects & Makes You Proud

    It's the bumper you'll be proud to show off to your friends and family — one that can protect when the unexpected happens. It's the bumper that you know will handle the jobs you've got to complete. That means peace of mind knowing that your investment will pay off big when chaos happens or demanding jobs call.

    Ranch Hand bumpers are designed and made for the ranching lifestyle. For early mornings and long, late nights of challenging tasks and unexpected events that demand bravery and resilience. That's why they're trusted by first responders, fire, wildland teams and ambulance squads across the USA — Ranch Hand bumpers are built to take a hit and will get you on your way.

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