Five Reasons to Invest in a Ranch Hand Aftermarket Bumper
November 15, 2023

Five Reasons to Invest in a Ranch Hand Aftermarket Bumper

    There's a few big reasons that people love Ranch Hand bumpers and invest in them when looking for an aftermarket bumper for their truck or SUV. Likely it's because they've heard about the robust strength and American-made craftsmanship that Ranch Hand bumpers are known for. It may also be the iconic style and reputation that's taken Ranch Hand aftermarket bumpers to the big screen in the hit series Yellowstone.

    When John Dutton III from Yellowstone said, "A brand isn't something you earn, it's something you live up to," we're obliged to agree. At Ranch Hand we design heavy-duty steel bumpers that live up to our name. Our bumpers are hand fabricated to withstand the demanding needs of the ranching and equestrian lifestyle and aren't just styled to look like it.

    Fabricating STEEL BUMPERS isn't simply a pastime at Ranch Hand, and making quality products that can survive the lifestyle we uphold and live for is something we take seriously. The way we see it, our bumpers have five key benefits that make investing in a Ranch Hand bumper worthwhile and we've outlined these reasons in-depth below to explain.

    Let's jump in.

    #1 — Ranch Hand Bumpers Provide Unrivaled Protection

    Ranch Hand bumpers reasons to buy a bumper
    People know Ranch Hand for our robustly built bumpers that clad the front ends of trucks and SUVs across America. In fact, you might even spot a Ranch Hand bumper on a brush truck, fire squad truck or ambulance — that's because first responders know how strong Ranch Hand bumpers are and rely on them when emergencies call and chaos ensues.

    This's because Ranch Hand bumpers are crafted from the highest quality materials and built robustly to take a hit. Our bumpers are fabricated domestically in America by seasoned welders and are constructed with the highest quality steel sourced with pride from U.S. steel foundries.

    This all adds up — it means that our aftermarket bumpers are meticulously engineered and precisely fabricated to the highest degree of quality and that no corners are cut in our processes.

    That's why Ranch Hand bumpers often times will outlast the truck itself.

    Furthermore, Ranch Hand designs and engineers our truck bumpers to keep you, your truck and most importantly, your family and passengers safe in the event of an unavoidable mishap on the road.

    Imagine driving down a winding backroad, when a colossal 700 lb. elk just happens to be crossing the road as you pass.

    Things happen too quickly for you to respond and your Ranch Hand Legend front bumper and grille guard make first impact and not only protects your truck but prevents the elk from coming through the windshield and harming you or your passengers.

    These moments are what has given Ranch Hand bumpers their reputation for brute strength. Our bumpers are made for heavy-duty work and protect when the unforeseen occurs.

    Whether it's on the job site or out on the backroads, a collision with reckless driver or road debris, our bumpers are built to take a hit and keep you and yours protected.

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    #2 — Ranch Hand Bumpers Fit Your Adventurous, Hard-Working Lifestyle

    Reasons to upgrade your truck bumper with a Ranch Hand

    At Ranch Hand, we don't just make bumpers. Instead, we hand-fabricate products for trucks that can survive the lifestyle that we uphold — from early mornings on the ranch to long, hard days on the job site to family outings and camping trips during the summer months and everything in between.

    Ranch Hand makes bumpers that are more than the average truck bumper. They're made for hard work and the ranching lifestyle. They're built to perform and protect and not just styled to look like it. Our bumpers represent our desire to work hard and protect what we work hard for. That's why we take making our aftermarket bumpers seriously, just as we take our jobs and protecting our families seriously.

    Further, our bumpers are made for those who play hard. Because hard work deserves celebration. Our bumpers are a nod to adventurous spirit, the love for the great outdoors and a steadfast commitment to unwavering quality. When you roll down the road with a Ranch Hand bumper, you're making a statement — a statement that resonates with the values of hard work and family.

    You can rely on your Ranch Hand bumper to hold up during work and adventures. From the iconic Legend series to the sporty and sophisticated Midnight™ series, to our lightweight Summit series and our brute Sport™ series — there's a Ranch Hand bumper that will keep up with your pace and protect you from whatever crosses your path.

    Our bumpers walk the walk, while the others just talk the talk.

    #3 — Ranch Hand Bumpers Have Distinct, Bold Style

    Ranch Hand truck bumpers make investing in an aftermarket bumper a valuable choice.
    Every truck is a testament to its owner and a reflection of the driver behind the wheel. It's not just a truck — it's a tool, a means of putting food on the table and your way back home. Your truck is a reflection of your commitment to your job and your family as your forge the path ahead.

    We understand this and that's why we've styled our bumpers to meet the demands of your lifestyle while looking sharp at the same time. Each of our aftermarket bumpers has its own distinct character, just like the vast, diverse landscapes of our great Nation.

    Legend Series — For Original Ranch Style

    The Ranch Hand Legend series grille guard is a smart investment in an aftermarket bumper.
    The Ranch Hand Legend Series bumper is not just a standard bumper, it's a legend in itself. In fact, it's the original 'ranch style' bumper that's easily recognizable on John Dutton's Ram 3500 in the hit series Yellowstone. It carries itself with the rugged charm and boldness of the American West. Crafted with precision, it combines strength with an iconic grille guard or bull bar and has a style that's as enduring as the wild, expansive landscapes of America itself. It evokes the spirit of the untamed frontier and tells the world that you're a true pioneer, unafraid to face challenges head-on. It's made for hard work and for those who take pride in their truck.

    Ranch Hand Legend Series

    Midnight Series — For Modern, Sporty Style

    The Midnight Series is for those who prefer a sporty yet sophisticated, momentous style. Its style is reminiscent of moonlit summer nights, serene with a touch of mystery and late-night fun. With its sleek, matte black textured powder coat finish, the Midnight series offers a bold and distinct yet understated look, perfect for those who let their actions speak louder than their words. The Midnight Series is the embodiment of adventure and sport, and it's the ideal choice for those who prefer the merit of their adventures do the talking. The Midnight series is for those who hustle during the day and delight in the late night.

    Ranch Hand Midnight Series

    Summit Series — For Ranch Style with Weight Savings

    The Summit Series speaks to adventure. With its high-quality craftsmanship and ranch style, the Summit series exudes bold elegance while remaining lightweight and offers utility with a style that's reminiscent of camping, hunting and exploring the great outdoors. It's perfect for adventurers who appreciate both form and function and the weight savings prevents overloading the suspension on your truck, making it perfect for mid-sized and half-ton trucks. The Summit Series is the pinnacle of balanced style and protection, embodying adventurous spirit, weight savings and trips far from the city out deep into the country.

    Ranch Hand Summit Series

    Sport Series — For Bragging Rights & Bold Style

    For those who aim to tame the wild and indomitable, the Sport Series is the perfect tool for tackling the toughest of jobs. The Sport series is built for those who are prepared to face any challenge. The Sport series is our toughest aftermarket bumper and is capable of housing a 16K lb. Warn winch. It's the bumpers that brush trucks and fire squads depend on when facing fierce challenges in the wilderness when chaos reigns. It features 1/4" thick, C-channel steel that spans the front of the bumper and covers the front end of your truck. It's unstoppable and is made to prepare you for challenges that others shy away from.

    #4 — Ranch Hand Bumpers Are Made Robustly with Purpose & Utility in Mind

    Each Ranch Hand bumper is made with purpose and is built to last and designed work and utility. Our bumpers perform and each of our bumper series have unique features and benefits that provide value for outfit.

    The Legend Series — Built for Ranch Work

    Ranch Hand's Sport Series is used by fire squads and brush trucks because of it's useful utility.
    The Legend series is tailor-made for hardworking souls. Handcrafted with pride in Shiner, Texas, the Legend series stands resilient and bold as a beacon of tenacity. It's more than a bumper; it's a symbol of dependability, easing one burden off your shoulders on a tough workday.

    This series is the original, ranch-style bumper, and sports thick diamond plate steel and a formidable 4-1/2" schedule-40 steel pipe that embraces the front of your vehicle, offering stout protection and contouring its rugged good looks.

    The Legend's front bumper is a fortress, with a wrap-around full grille guard featuring sturdy 5/16" uprights and 12-gauge perforated steel inserts to shield against whatever the road throws your way. The standard 2" front receiver is a true handyman, perfect for towing trailers, and hooking up carriers or other gear.

    Opt for the bullnose version, and you'll get 2" thick, 12-gauge tubing that brings an off-road, rally vibe without skimping on grille protection. And don't overlook the matching rear bumper — with its 4" schedule-40 pipe and diamond-plate steel, it's built for serious pulling, rated for 10,000 lbs. of towing muscle and 1,000 lbs. of tongue weight.

    If it's just a grille guard you're after, the Legend's stand-alone grille guard is a top contender, easily bolting onto your rig and complementing your existing bumper with its durable build. It mirrors the front bumper's rugged construction, with hefty 5/16" uprights, 12-gauge steel tubing, and perforated inserts.

    Every item in the Legend series is a solid piece of craftsmanship, fully welded to stand the test of time, no rattling, no loose parts. And with a premium super-polyester powder coat finish, it's as tough as they come, outshining other finishes in safeguarding against impacts, abrasions, and corrosion. This is one tough customer that's sure to keep your truck in legend-worthy condition.

    The Midnight Series — For a Modern Style & LED Lights

    A great aftermarket bumper to upgrade with is the Ranch Hand Midnight series.
    The MIDNIGHT SERIES is constructed with robust 7-gauge smooth steel and offers unwavering durability. For added protection and style, you have the option to equip it with a full grille guard crafted from sturdy 12-gauge tubing. This guard features 12-gauge perforated steel inserts, ensuring your LED lights, lightbar, and grille remain safeguarded against rocks, brush, or any obstacles you may encounter.

    The front bumper of the Midnight series is designed to accommodate a lightbar up to 32" wide and can house two 2" LED cube lights on each side. It's engineered to seamlessly integrate with factory fog lights and front-facing cameras. The removable perforated steel inserts make it easy to install and maintain your lights. If desired, the bumper can be used without the inserts, enhancing the visibility of your lights.

    The raw steel used in the Midnight series undergoes a special treatment with a rust-resistant liquid A-coat. This process provides robust protection against rust and corrosion, ensuring a dependable aftermarket bumper that stands up to the elements. Paired with a durable black powder coat finish, it not only shields your bumper from the harshest of conditions but also safeguards it against impacts, scratches, and maintains its sharp appearance.

    For matching rear protection, the Midnight series offers a matching rear bumper constructed from the same rugged 7-gauge smooth steel, complemented by 12-gauge perforated inserts to protect optional 2" LED lights. The angled side wings are designed to enhance wheel and ground clearance, making it ideal for off-road adventures both at the front and rear.

    The Summit Series — For Ranch Style with Weight Savings

    The Summit series is perfect investment for an aftermarket bumper.
    The SUMMIT SERIES is crafted for those who aim to leave behind the urban cityscape. Handmade in Shiner, Texas, the Summit delivers formidable durability with weight savings for trekking into the wilderness without excess load. It provides reliable defense against unexpected hurdles and ensures your safety on the journey ahead while preventing overloading your trucks suspension.

    The Summit is constructed from durable yet lightweight 12-gauge, diamond-plate steel and features robust 5/16" uprights for superior tensile strength, coupled with a full grille guard made of 12-gauge steel tubing for a lightweight but potent shield, all while sporting a rugged appearance.

    The Summit is available with a 2" bullnose built from robust, 12-gauge steel tubing that provides the bumper with a distinctive off-road Baja style that sets it apart, without compromising frontal protection.

    Such as all Ranch Hand products, the Summit is fabricated and fully welded to ensure enduring strength and reliability, preventing rattling over time.

    Designed for compatibility in mind, the Summit is designed to work with factory front-end sensors and cameras for an easy installation process and works perfectly with factory fog lights and tow hooks.

    Installation requires no cutting, welding, or drilling – just bolt it on and you're ready for the road.

    Finished with a superior super-polyester powder coating, the Summit stands up to harsh impacts, scratches, and provides unparalleled resistance to corrosion, outlasting other powder coat finishes.

    The Sport Series — For Winch Ready, Unstoppable Protection

    The Sport series is the most robust aftermarket bumper to upgrade to for an aftermarket bumper.
    The SPORT SERIES is tailored for those who put in long days and nights. Handcrafted in Shiner, Texas, this bumper is designed to withstand the most demanding of conditions and is equipped to rescue you from any mishaps you might encounter on rugged backroads or the jobsite.

    It's purpose-built and constructed from high-strength, 1/4" thick, formed C-channel steel that spans the entire width of the front and perfectly conforms to your truck's contours and is capable of housing a 16,000 lb. Warm winch.

    Finding a more resilient front bumper than the Ranch Hand Sport would be a challenge. Its exceptional 1/4" C-channel steel, when combined with a full grille guard, renders the Sport unstoppable. Alongside the Legend, it's Ranch Hand's top pick for safeguarding against deer collisions.

    The full grille guard, constructed from robust 12-gauge steel tubing and hefty 5/16" uprights, adds to the Sport's unrivaled sturdiness. In essence, the Sport series is a winch bumper ideally suited for demanding work and recovery tasks, boasting a commanding, robust style that commands respect and gives you something to brag about.

    Additionally, the Sport series offers a corresponding rear bumper with the same robust 1/4" C-channel steel for unparalleled durability and 3/16" thick diamond-plate steel for superior traction and heavy-duty performance. It also includes standard 6" LED oval lights, enhancing rear visibility.

    The Sport features one-piece, fully welded construction, ensuring superior strength and eliminating the potential for loose or rattling components. It's engineered to withstand years of strenuous work and showcases a premium super-polyester powder coat finish.

    This robust finish outperforms other powder coat options, providing enhanced protection against impacts, dings, scratches, and unbeatable corrosion resistance, promising lasting durability.

    Ranch Hand Sport Series

    #5 — Ranch Hand Bumpers Uphold American Values

    A Ranch Hand bumper embodies American values in more ways than one. First and foremost, it's an American made product that you can take pride in knowing is designed, fabricated and finished in the U.S.A. and further, it's a valuable investment in your truck itself.

    Our aftermarket bumpers are built to withstand the toughest conditions and are built to last. They offer unparalleled strength that comes in handy when emergencies occur and they also provides relaiable utility for working on the ranch or job site.

    Whether you're facing the wild, vast terrain of our country of or navigating the rigors of the job site, a Ranch Hand bumper is your steadfast guardian, safeguarding your truck from unforeseen obstacles.

    Our bumpers are also competitively priced and are a better bang for the buck than many other manufacturers who make knockoffs that appear to have the rugged strength of a Ranch Hand but fall short.

    That's because only a Ranch Hand bumper is designed for the ranch and made in the U.S.A.

    Bonus feature — Ranch Hand Aftermarket Bumpers Increase Your Truck Value

    Ranch Hand increases the value of your truck

    Beyond protection, a Ranch Hand bumper adds substantial value to your truck. When it's time to pass on your trusted companion to the next adventurer, the presence of a Ranch Hand bumper significantly boosts the resale value. Potential buyers recognize the commitment to quality and durability that these bumpers represent, making your truck a sought-after gem in the market.

    Moreover, Ranch Hand bumpers are designed with customization in mind, allowing you to tailor your truck's appearance to your liking. This personalization enhances the visual appeal of your vehicle, adding to its overall value. The various series and styles ensure that you can find the perfect fit for your unique taste and requirements.

    Furthermore, Ranch Hand bumpers offer value in terms of utility. With features like winch mounts, auxiliary lighting options, and compatibility with front-facing sensors and cameras, they enhance the functionality of your truck. Whether you're hauling, towing, or off-roading, a Ranch Hand bumper is your trusty companion that contributes to the versatility and capabilities of your vehicle.

    Lastly, the long-lasting quality of Ranch Hand bumpers ensures that they endure for years, offering ongoing value. Their resistance to rust, corrosion, impacts, dings, and scratches means that they remain in prime condition throughout your vehicle's lifetime, saving you from the hassle and cost of frequent replacements.

    In essence, a Ranch Hand bumper embodies value by protecting your investment, boosting resale potential, offering customization options, enhancing utility, and maintaining its quality for the long haul. It's not just a bumper; it's a valuable asset that adds to the overall worth of your truck and elevates your adventures to new heights.

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