Why Our Dealers Carry Ranch Hand
April 19, 2017

Why Our Dealers Carry Ranch Hand

At Ranch Hand, we are proud of our broad dealer network. We believe they’re experts at what they do and can provide great insight to anyone considering a grille guard, front bumper, back bumper, runnings steps and much more. Let’s hear what a few have to say about why they carry Ranch Hand in their shops. Look back here in the future to continue to hear from Ranch Hand’s Dealer Network.  

A Name that Sells Itself

Joe Vela, General Manager at Truckers Equipment Inc., has been selling Ranch Hand since he first started there in 1993. Over the years he’s watched the notoriety of Ranch Hand products grow as they’ve earned a reputation for selling quality products. When he first started out, people weren’t as familiar with Ranch Hand, but today, he says, “Customers ask for Ranch Hand by name… it sells itself.” Truckers has four locations throughout Texas, and has been in business since 1936. They sell multiple brands, but Joe says that they sell more Ranch Hand than anything else. Even when they quote lower prices on other brands, their customers tend to prefer Ranch Hand, because of it’s quality, “Ranch Hand has a good name and it sells because of the many years of being a product that people are familiar with.” Joe adds, “Ranch Hand products are well-made, and they’re well-known by our customers.” From individuals and retail, to oil field and construction companies, Truckers Equipment Inc. sees a variety of customers that know the added value to protecting their vehicles with Ranch Hand products.  

Number One in the Business

Wes Hohertz has been a manager at  Stephenville Trailers and Truck Accessories for 18 years and has been a dealer for Ranch Hand for over a decade. He appreciates Ranch Hand’s dedication to providing quality products because it reflects well on him as a reseller, “Everything that I sell, I consider to be number one in the business from our horse trailers to our truck beds to our Ranch Hand bumpers. I like to be number one, and I believe that everything we sell is top of the line.” Stephenville Trailers and Truck sells trailers, accessories, and all things truck. They have a large customer base of dealerships from Forth Worth to Waco and everything in between. They also sell to local farmers and ranchers. What are their customers saying? “Oh, everybody likes Ranch Hand. Everybody… when they see a bumper, they automatically assume that it’s Ranch Hand. It’s what everybody wants and that’s why I carry them.” He doesn't have any question about why Ranch Hand is so popular with their customers. “They’re super reliable, I think that they’re the strongest in the business. There’s a lot of people who won’t have a truck without having a Ranch Hand bumper on it because they save lives. They do what they’re supposed to do.” Does Wes, himself fall into that category? “Yes, I do. Front and rear.”  

Quality American Products and Customer Service

C&S Plating in Corpus Christi has been selling Ranch Hand products to dealerships in South Texas and all over the valley for decades. Over the years their customer base has grown to have a large retail reach as well. Their two showrooms are stocked with a full inventory of Ranch Hand products. Al Dehnert, owner and General Manager, says that he continues to sell Ranch Hand for a couple of reasons, “Number one, they’re made in the USA. Number two, the quality has been good—the name recognition sells itself—the product quality has been excellent.” When compared to competitors, Dehnert says, “They hold up better than any of the comparable products out there.” Dehnert says that he’s been just as impressed with their customer service as he is with the quality of their products. For as long as he’s been selling Ranch Hand, he’s never had a problem that they didn’t handle.  

Ranch Hand is Right for You!

Whether you’re a shop looking to supply your customers with the Ranch Hand products they’re asking for, or an individual looking to upgrade the safety and looks of your vehicle, one thing is for sure. You can count on Ranch Hand products to give you superior product and service. Visit one of our many dealers to see what Ranch Hand can do for you!