Showing Off with Ranch Hand
June 22, 2017

Showing Off with Ranch Hand

The H&H Show Truck is meant to stand out. While the team was proud of their efforts in the past, they strived to really turn heads with the design of this vehicle. Tom Harrell, VP of Operations at H&H Home and Truck Accessories, recently spoke about the truck, and how using Ranch Hand products has helped it convey the right image. After adding our Horizon Series bumpers to the Ford Super Duty, the company felt more confident about showing off the truck and letting customers, viewers, and event attendees get an up-close look at the new creation.

Origins of the H&H Show Truck

The H&H Show Truck was the product of a team effort. Jimmy Bolin, a district manager for H&H Home and Truck Accessories, was instrumental in finding the initial vehicle. An administrator in the Mississippi area, he was familiar with a popular dealer the company had done spray business with in the past. This led to the acquisition of the vehicle – next came the customization portion. The team has found success showing the truck at local events. While the big shows are popular, H&H wanted to make things more intimate and personal. “It’s one thing to run radio ads where people can hear about what we can do, but we feel it’s a much more valuable impression for them to see it in person,” said Tom.

How Was the Truck Outfitted?

Tom said the truck took about four months to prepare. The 2013 F250 had graphic work completed at Sundown Window Tint. This included all graphics and the wraps. Additional products used on the truck include a Rough Country 6” lift kit, Amp Powersteps, Undercover Ultra Flex, Fuel Two-Piece wheels, Nitto tires, Bullet Liner, and of course, Ranch Hand’s Horizon Series bumpers. While Tom has outfitted the truck with accessories to provide protection, functionality, and looks, the latter is why he chose the Horizon Series. “We wanted to showcase Ranch Hand’s newest style bumper to get more exposure on the matte finish series. To me, it’s the best looking smooth finish bumper on the market and we wanted to show consumers this is something we have available to offer.” Flat steel, matte finish aftermarket bumpers have been growing more popular in the Southeast over the past few years, particularly with younger customers. Choosing this option helped the truck appeal to a broader audience.

Why Did H&H Choose Ranch Hand?

H&H Home and Truck Accessories has referred to their partnership with Ranch Hand as just that – a partnership, rather than a simple buyer/seller relationship. Tom describes his conversations with Ranch Hand as anything but typical. Whereas other companies will constantly try to push inventory on customers, the emphasis with Ranch Hand is on helping create mutually beneficial business relationships. In addition to the positive, honest relationships Ranch Hand builds with customers, Tom also spoke highly of the quality of our products. “None of this works if the product is cheap or a knock-off, but we never have to worry about that with any of Ranch Hand’s products.” The combination of teamwork and quality has led H&H Home and Truck Accessories to stick with Ranch Hand for over 15 years.