Ranch Hand Sport Series Front Bumper
September 25, 2023

Ranch Hand Sport Series Front Bumper

In November of 2021 just before Thanksgiving I was driving south on a 4 lane Hwy and came up to an intersection where they had a stop sign. I was doing 65 and there was a white pickup sitting in the turning lane facing me and a tan pickup at the stop sign waiting to turn left into traffic. All of a sudden she decided to pull out in front of me and I tried to swerve and miss her but she gave it more gas and hit my front passenger side of the truck. I took the front end of her truck off and it ripped my front tire and axle out from underneath my truck. It then sent me head on into the white pickup in the turning lane and I had no steering and no brakes so I hit him until I came to a stop.

I had the Ranch Hand sport series front bumper on the front with a warm winch and sport back bumper on the back of that truck and it took the full force of the impact. Instead of it pushing the engine way back, it bent the bumper back and put the rest of the force into the frame.

I was injured in my stomach from the seatbelt and my shoulder and leg but was able to walk away from that crash. I do believe that the bumper on the front kept me from being injured worse.

It totaled all 3 vehicles in the crash. I certainly miss that pickup and the protection it had. I have a newer one now and once I am able to, will be putting bumpers back on like that one had. ~ Adison