Ranch Hand Products Help Reach New Markets
June 12, 2017

Ranch Hand Products Help Reach New Markets

How a Ranch Hand Dealer expanded his customer base

Drivers appreciate the protection and customization options they get from Ranch Hand products. From well-fitted grille guards to accessories like running steps, Ranch Hand offers plenty of products to protect and enhance vehicles. While those who want a bit of added protection for their truck or SUV can benefit greatly from Ranch Hand, business owners with an eye for quality can also reap perks. Scott Wood has helped customers get the value and protection they look for over the last decade as an authorized Ranch Hand dealer. Adding Ranch Hand products helped him expand his business and reach new demographics.

Why Go with Ranch Hand?

Wood Tool and Supply Company was established in 1987 in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. The single-location company was originally focused on providing consumable hardware products like nuts, drill bits, bolts, and fasteners. Though the company carries a wide array of products now, their initial expansion was targeted at work trucks. “Anything you’d outfit a work truck with…if someone has a service truck they’re outfitting, we can supply pretty much everything from the accessories to the tools he puts on the truck,” Scott says. Commercial endeavors require robust and durable equipment; Ranch Hand products are known for both. When Scott was searching for a new line of products to help him serve customers with work trucks, he went with Ranch Hand. The trucks used in heavy-duty applications can become worn down quickly, making protective equipment like bumpers a great long-term investment. Since so many customers in his area had work trucks, Scott began carrying Ranch Hand products to expand his inventory and offer locals something they could benefit from. Ranch Hand products are extremely popular in the industries of ranching, farming, contractors and state and local governments. Scott has customers in all these businesses, making Ranch Hand products a great fit for their needs. “I wanted to start carrying Ranch Hand because a lot of guys coming to my shop had service trucks…a lot of them want their trucks to be protected,” Scott explains. “I just liked the product and I knew I had a market for it. Ranch Hand is known for their high quality.” Scott now sells a variety of Ranch Hand products, including grille guards, front bumpers, rear bumpers and running steps.

A Dealer and a Customer

While Scott has sold Ranch Hand for a decade, he also appreciates Ranch Hand products on a personal level. In addition to being a professional who sells our products to his own customers, Scott is a long-time Ranch Hand customer as well. He appreciates the great looks, accurate fitting, and solid protection. He has Ranch Hand products on each of his vehicles - two Dodges and one Ford. “If Ranch Hand makes anything to fit it, that’s the first thing that goes on when I get a new vehicle,” he says.