Expanding a business with the Ranch Hand product line
May 23, 2017

Expanding a business with the Ranch Hand product line

Ranch Hand is a company known for durable and reliable products. Here’s how they helped a California business expand     Tyrone Miller took the wheel at a Northern California company that had been in operation for 19 years. Line-X of Rancho Cordova is well-known for truck accessories like coatings. While these products are very popular, Tyrone wanted to expand the company’s inventory to serve more customer needs. In his three years as manager of the company, he’s sold Ranch Hand products, which have helped his company expand into robust and heavy-duty truck protection.

“It’s going to work as good as it looks”

Line-X is known for spray liners, covers, and other similar accessories which improve the look of a vehicle. This franchise has a good name among farmers and ranchers. The target market of the business is those who are between the ages of 25 and 55. But regardless of a person’s day to day job or age, everyone appreciates getting a quality product for their money. “It’s going to work as good as it looks,” said Tyrone. While the company doesn’t do things like lift kits or performance-based add-ons, the addition of Ranch Hand products has added an entirely new aspect to the business. Now customers can get a bumper to protect their vehicle while improving its looks. Though Ranch Hand products do have a distinct look which many people appreciate, the primary benefit is clear – Ranch Hand allows companies like Tyrone’s to help their customers enjoy robust, durable, top-notch equipment to protect their trucks.

“Practical over pretty”

In order to keep customers happy, companies must choose products which match the standards they – and their customers - have. Tyrone wasn’t a stranger to Ranch Hand; he’d worked for a major distributor of aftermarket truck products. With an understanding of just how durable Ranch Hand products were, he was excited to offer them after joining Line-X. Ranch Hand is, in Tyrone’s words, “practical over pretty,” and provide a different benefit than the brands that are aesthetic-based. Ranch Hand does much more than just look good.

“Customers are always really pleased…”

Ranch Hand has become well-received at Tyrone’s company and many others across the country. According to Tyrone, the installation services have been well-received by customers. Tyrone said, “Customers are always really pleased with the finished product once its installed.” This type of product must balance durability with functionality. While they need to be strong enough to withstand the off-road and ranch environments of Northern California, they must also be able to fit properly. Tyrone has found great success with the product. “(Ranch Hand is) my go-to brand for bumpers, and probably my most requested brand for a bumper. I just sold 27 of them!”