Big Truck Big Rv's J.D.
January 23, 2017

Big Truck Big Rv's J.D.


Ranch Hand partner Owner, Big Truck Big RV YouTube channel   Ranch Hand is proud to sponsor J.D., an engineer best known for his Big Truck Big RV YouTube channel, which boasts 20,000 YouTube subscribers and over five million total views. We interviewed J.D. about how he created his channel after joining truck-related forums with a focus on this explosive channel growth as well as his favorite Ranch Hand products.

How long have you been making your videos?

“I've been making videos for almost 10 years, but not with any focus or schedule. Every time I purchased a new truck, I would join the forum that discussed that truck. I used my YouTube Channel as a way to show upgrades and modifications I did to the trucks I purchased. I never had many subscribers – less than 30 –up until about 10 months ago, when my channel started to grow slowly.”

How did you get started with your channel? What inspired you to start making these videos?

“I started taking video making more seriously when I purchased my 2016 Ford F450 Platinum in 2015 and noticed that there weren't any good review videos about them. I started producing my own videos and noticed people were interested in them. The focus of my videos at first was more towards providing simple explanations about technical items. Gradually, my channel started picking up subscribers at the rate of about 100 per month and got to 800 in about seven months. Over the past three months, I started getting more and more involved in producing higher quality videos and more of them. I started reviewing more trucks, talking about trucks, and introducing more RV information on my channel. In the last three months, I've added approximately 20,000 subscribers and have become one of the fastest-growing truck- and RV-related channels on YouTube. My videos have been viewed more than five million times, with over 12 million minutes watched each month.”

Are there any types of videos on your channel that are more popular than others?

“My new truck reviews and informational segments tend to be my most popular. Some of my most-viewed videos are simply me talking about a topic and driving. It's interesting, because when I drive, I simply film out the windshield. I started to do this because I didn't care for YouTubers who constantly showed themselves and made the channel about them. I enjoy making my videos about the content and not the person. I don't have any issue showing my face, but since my viewers don't really expect me to and haven't asked, I haven't felt the need. I've been amazed at my channel's growth, considering the only thing you can come to my channel to view is the content and not the presenter. So I often wonder if it's simply the way I present the information that attracts so many viewers.”

What are your goals for your channel? 

“My channel is not intended to be a review channel, as it is more focused on providing detailed information about products people generally aren’t provided with. My goal is that people watching my videos leave knowing a little more than they did before watching them. I want my subscribers and viewers to understand the differences between products, as well as why and how products are designed and built the way they are. Generally, this knowledge isn't readily or easily available for access by the general consumer. I try to provide this information in the format that's easiest to understand.”

What Ranch Hand products do you personally use on your vehicles?

“I currently use the Ranch Hand Sport with Winch Replacement front bumper on my 2016 Ford F450 Platinum. I also have the Ranch Hand Horizon Series rear bumper.”

What do you think are the strengths of Ranch Hand products?

“I believe Ranch Hand bumpers are the strongest, most durable, and best-engineered replacement bumpers available anywhere. From an engineering standpoint, using 3/8"-thick mounting plates, 1/4" C-Channel on the Sport, and Schedule 40 pipe for their Legend Series bumpers is a testimony to their focus on quality over quantity and low cost. Their product is designed for survivability over sheer cosmetics. Many other manufacturers make a product that looks very similar but cannot come close to Ranch Hand's construction and build. The name Ranch Hand has become synonymous with quality and strength. I'm an engineer, and I can truly appreciate everything about their product.”

What feedback do you get from your subscribers about Ranch Hand products?

“My Subscribers love Ranch Hand. Even the ones who had not heard of it prior to my videos have really grown to love their product. People generally see all bumpers as being equal, and my videos have made it very clear that there are real differences in manufacturing. I've been thrilled to see how much my viewers have given positive feedback on the Ranch Hand equipment I've installed on my truck.” We hope you enjoy J.D’s videos and learn more information about trucks, RVs, and Ranch Hand products as you watch them. Ranch Hand values your safety while complementing your truck’s aesthetic. Learn more about how our products can help you and your family stay safe and productive in your vehicles.