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The Summit Front Bumper Replacement provides exceptional protection similar to the Legend Series while offering an alternative style with reduced weight. The uncompromising diamond-plate steel body and complementing grille guard are one-piece and are frame mounted, securing the steel bumper in the most stable way possible. Originally designed as a robust and resilient option for ½ ton trucks, the Summit Front Bumper Replacement has become popular across all applications.

This bumper is designed and ideal for half ton trucks. It is frame-mounted and is one-piece fully welded construction. The main body of the bumper is manufactured from diamond plate steel and the grille guard portion provides wraparound headlight protection. The punched plate grille insert is specifically designed to match the make and model of the vehicle – no expanded metal used. Most pre-2014 Summit Series Replacement Bumpers allow for the optional patented H2R (Hidden 2" Receiver). In some applications, factory fog lights and tow hooks can be retained.

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