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Legend Front Bumper

Chevrolet Legend Front Bumper
Ford Legend Front Bumper
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Dodge Ram Dually Legend Front Bumper

The Legend Series Front Bumper is the strongest product represented in vehicle protection built for ¾ ton and bigger trucks. This legendary replacement bumper is constructed from 4” schedule 40 pipe and diamond-plate steel, which just means it’s as strong as it gets. Identified as Ranch Hand’s workhorse steel bumper, it comes standard with a 2” receiver to accommodate deer feeders, winches, and trailers and most applications keep tow hooks and factory fog lights. The built in grille guard provides maximum protection to the headlights and all around unyielding front end protection.

The main body of the bumper is manufactured from 4" schedule 40 pipe and diamond plate steel, and the grille guard portion is composed of 12 gauge tubing providing wraparound headlight protection. The punched plate grille insert is specifically designed to match the make and model of the vehicle – no expanded metal used. The Legend Series Front Bumper comes standard with a 2" receiver and most applications keep tow hooks and factory fog lights. This bumper is a valuable addition to any vehicle and will provide maximum peace of mind when driving down the highway.

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